If you follow me on IG (follow me here) you've been seeing some previews of a new shoot I did with actress and friend Cynthia, also from the bay area. I found this great dress at a vintage store on Melrose (Hutch Vintage) and I had to grab it (the yellow dress). When I buy stuff for shoots I try to make sure it will also fit me so I can wear it at some point and it's not just sitting there in my closet, this one did not fit the bill, but I had to have it. 

I was inspire by some previous photos I saw on Pinterest to do a mixing of patterns with this piece. I went out and found some more pattern pieces that fit the bill and grabbed some fun fabric and bam. 

I was fortunate enough to work with Maria on this shoot who does both hair and make up. I feel like I've been looking for her for over a year now, so thankful to have gotten a message from her. She's super talented, reliable, and has so far said 'yes! let's do it!' to every idea I shoot her way. Keep an eye out for more stuff we've got in the works. 

Clothes: Hutch Vintage, H&M, Zara

Hair & MU Maria @maria_aspegren

Model @cyn_esthesia

Styling by me @mterrisphoto