Open Light Workshop

Last month I had the privilege of attending a workshop put on by photographer Lars kommienezuspadt called 'Open Light'. I first came across Lars' work on Doris Mayday's Instagram page and was blown away by the photos he took of her. Not only were they of course stunning but when I saw them I thought "Yes, this is exactly what I want to do." All of his photos give off a certain feeling, kind of dark, sexy, and mysterious. Pin up but not your traditional pin up style with the bright backgrounds and the expressive faces. More serious and seductive. When I later learned that he shot using only natural light I was like, "Ok, sold! This guy is officially the best!" I too use only natural light in my shoots. I'm not opposed to using studio lights, I think you can do amazing things with that style as well, but since I'm not too savvy with studios and don't have a spot or lights to shoot with I always go outdoors.

Lars' workshop took place at this giant mansion in Los Angeles. I had never been inside a mansion before so naturally I had to go exploring. It reminded me of a real life Haunted Mansion from Disneyland-or maybe because that's the only other mansion I've been in...You walk down this long hallway and there are huge baroque style paintings that lead you into a round foyer. In this Foyer you have the choice to ascend the tall staircase or walk into the family or dining rooms or into a full bar. During our break I wandered down a long hallway into the library. Soft light peaked in through the dusty thick curtains and books lined the walls and tables of the room. I thought, "Ok great! This is creepy but I also probably just walked right into the best room in the house." I love libraries...I think it comes from that amazing library Belle has in Beauty in the Beast. I wish I had enough time to see which book pulled down and opened into a secret room...If you'd seen that room you too would have been certain that there was a secret room behind that bookshelf. 

Bernadette Library

Lars went over etiquette and posing with the help of Rivi Madison, (she has her own album here) a sensational artist and model. She spoke of how she carries herself in shoots and how she has yet to be in a bad situation with a photographer (working with creeps) because she knows what she wants and wont take anyones bull. She inspired me with her amazing confidence and the way she carried herself like such a badass... I could have photographed her all day. Both Lars and Rivi together shared such useful information and were both so kind and helpful. I hope we can all work together again someday. 

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Andrea Hausmann-Photographer @workshop

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Vanessa Foerster-Photographer @workshop


Rivi Madison-Model on table

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Vicky Tran-Model in chair

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Bernadette Marion-Model in library

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Jenny Rieu-Model with gold bow

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Mara Rouse-Make up 


Rocky Cauldron-Make up