Happy 70th Bruce Springsteen

I don’t really have a huge platform to confess my love for Bruce Springsteen, but I did want to share something I wrote about him and where I was when he came into my life in 2012 on his 70th birthday today because of how his music has affected me and so many others lives. Thanks for reading & Happy Fucking Birthday Bruce! May you continue to rock on for another 70 years :).

Ramblings of a Springsteen Fan-

Never before have I felt this urge to write down how an artist’s music affects me. Sure I have obsessed over my fair share of bands. The Band’s “It makes no difference” is still one of the most beautiful and seriously heartbreaking songs I have ever heard, you want to hear the pain and suffering of losing a loved one…phew. Or any number of Beatles albums that I have obsessed over in the past. And I thought I had it bad then. 

Not until that one night I really heard Jungleland did it all click and that’s when I became a Springsteen fan. I had first heard Jungleland while driving home from San Francisco to San Jose. I had heard on the radio that Clarence Clemmons died from a massive stroke and they played that song as a tribute to him if you didn’t know he has an EPIC saxophone solo in that amazing song. I had only heard half of the song though and thought… I’ll listen to the rest later. Time passed, summer ended. I had always really thought the song Thunder Road was a beautiful song, but you know you hear so many songs that are beautifully written and they all kind of get mushed into that, “now that’s a good song” pile. It wasn’t till about a month ago though that I was really introduced to the Boss.

 Many people don’t know that I moved back home to help take care of my father who has ALS. If you don’t know what ALS is, look it up and hope it never happens to you. Along with that whole problem, is my mom, who I feel like every day is her last straw and she just might finally lose it, although that has yet to happen. Needless to say… I need some siblings to help here. I also left my home in San Jose where all my closest friends are, who by the way has really shown to be some of the most amazing people I know talk about being there when the going gets tough. High five me for picking my friends- Kelty, Alex, Louie, and Sal when I emotionally vomited on you that one night ☺. And to make matters worse, my boyfriend of six years leaves me right as I take my first steps into this mess. I don’t know if you have ever lost your best friend before, but it’s probably the worst feeling in the world… makes sense why there are so many songs about heartbreak.  

Fast-forward 5 months of that, I am stoned lying in bed wanting to hear some epic music. I wasn’t in the mood for anything though. Then I remembered hearing half of Jungleland that one day back in the middle of summer and I thought I would give it a shot.  Now I am sure that the pot really enhanced my listening experience but… thank god it did. From that great opening violin, full of mournful sorrow, to Bruce’s voice coming in soft with that upbeat piano. I mean fuck I don’t even know if this is making sense but it was such a fucking amazing moment in those first 30 seconds. For the first time in months, this sweet, sad, epic song made me feel hopeful. A hope that I felt had been drained from me and I didn’t know would ever come back. And as the song continued to play, it only got more breathtaking. “Just one look a whisper, they’re gone” and BAM that sax comes in. Oh my god. Fucking AMAZING. God I am listening to it right now. It’s like I can feel the blood rushing through my veins. That sax solo replays the whole song again and all of Bruce’s beautiful worlds are played before you like a movie. You see the words come to life in your mind and it’s the most beautiful thing when a song does that.. God so FUCKING AMAZING. I can’t stress that enough. As soon as the song finished I sat up and googled “Jungleland.” 

I read a beautiful article about the friendship between Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemmons, I read review after review about the song and how critics called it one of the greatest songs in rock n roll history, I read theories about what the song was about, I read what the song was about, I watched numerous videos on youtube, and I read those lyrics so many times. 

The line that blew me away that night, among well the rest of them, was the first line after the sax solo, “ Beneath the city, two hearts beat…” pure poetry. Two lovers hiding from the world in the shadows of the city, trying to getaway. It’s just …blows me away. 

So after that, I started googling born to run. Born to run has quickly, in days, become one of my all-time favorite albums. If not my favorite.  

Warby Parker

Last month I was asked to participate in campaign with eye wear company Warby Parker in collaboration with a group called GirlGaze. Girlgaze showcases only female photographers, ladies are still grossly underrepresented in the fashion photography world. They also focus on showcasing real women around the world not just models. I was honored to be asked to join their latest collaboration with Warby Parker. Check out a few of my favorite shots below!

P.S. I used cellophane over my lens to get some of the cool effects you see below.


My main love is shooting fashion, but I also am fortunate enough to work part time for this company called Flytographer. They do vacation style photography, so if you’re traveling to LA and you want to take some photos with you and your family, partner, or alone you can hire me and I’ll snap some cute pics of you. These are always fun because I get to meet the most adorable families like this one here! Check out their Instagram for more cute pics!

Mood board for an upcoming shoot

I always love putting mood boards together. Sometimes my boards can get a little confusing I’m told. So I’m working on sticking to one particular theme. Usually while I’m looking through Pinterest so many things catch my eye that I get excited and want to do it all. Here’s a mood board I’m in the process of making for an upcoming shoot in March that has to do with marijuana and Pharaoh Hatshepsut. More details to come soon!

smoking shoot one .jpg

Monday Muse

You see so many amazing photographers online now and days. I’m constantly blow away by the work I see, and you know just a little jealous ;-) One photographer that I love is @pabloconstanzo

I love the colors in his photos and the way each image is so strong, each one individually tells a story.

Check him out here

Portfolio Review 2018

Hi All! I wanted to share my experience attending a photography portfolio review for the first time this last week in New York. A lot of people have been asking me about it and how it went so I wanted to share that with you here! I'm so glad you're interested, please feel free to reach out and ask me any follow up questions here 

Every so often I interview photographers who I admire and want to be like and during one of my interviews this woman told me about Fotoworks and that it helped her start getting bigger jobs based off the connections she made. This was about 3 years ago that she told me this and when I got an email from them this year I recognized a lot of the reviewers and thought 'Why not.'

Fotoworks has 3 different kinds of review sessions, one in Los Angeles, New York, and another called BLVD Reviews which is mainly creative directors and they go to more cities aside from NYC and LA. They have a variety of packages all at different price points I chose to talk with 12 reviewers which was $1199. My travel from Burbank to New York was $509.00 round trip and I gave myself a budget of $50/day and was there for 5 days. I was lucky enough to stay with a family friend so I didn't have to pay for a place to stay.  The whole trip cost me about $2000. I was told by someone I met there that since going to the reviews he's earned his money back from the jobs he's gotten, so that was promising. 

I mainly chose reviewers that were in the fashion industry, but they have reviewers who do lifestyle, sports, advertising, photojournalism, food photography and more that you can speak with. I'd say for me 12 reviewers was perfect because there weren't a ton of people from the fashion world and any more than 12 and I might be talking with people where my work didn't align with them. I was able to squeeze in a few more reviewers while I was there though. Reviewers who had empty slots were up for grabs every day and you didn't have to pay extra which was awesome. 

The week before the event they sent out the reviewers and I got to pick my top 12, and I, for the most part, got all the people I wanted to see which I was worried about. Once I got my list I looked up each reviewer and started writing down specific questions I wanted to ask each of them. Some generic questions I asked were: 

"What do you look for in the photographers you hire?"

"Do you think I'm ready to shoot for you? And if not what needs improvement?'

"What are things you've done in your career that have helped you stand out?"

I would also try and ask one specific question to that reviewer, mostly revolving around something that I saw they worked on and wanted to know more about. 

That being said you only have about 15 min with each person and that time usually goes very quickly. I was more interested in hearing what they had to say about my work than asking my questions and a lot of the times the conversations flowed very easily, but for those that weren't as smooth I was glad I had some stocked up questions prepared, anything to keep them talking either about themselves and/or my work and stay interested in me.

There is a lot of downtime in between meetings so you just hang out with a bunch of other photographers and look at their books and talk photography which was so fun. It's much more relaxing than I pictured it was going to be which was great and the man running everything there was super nice and did his best to get you into meetings that maybe you weren't originally able to get into. They had food and drinks, Sony, Fuji, and Hasselblad all had tables set up where you could talk with reps and play with cameras as well. 

My prep work:

I put together a book using Blurb and it came out really nice. I hired a graphic designer to make a flyer for me to hand out to all the people I spoke with. I read that you should leave something other than a business card and if you can make it creative all the better. I saw a lot of other really nicely done books. Some people had really big books and others, like me, were smaller. I had about 20 pages double-sided, I wanted a nice balance of looking through my photos and time to talk, which I felt like I got so I don't know if I'd go much over 20 pages next time either. 

My last piece of advice is to ask to record your meetings. For the most part, everyone was totally fine with it, I did get some questions like 'why' but once I explained that I didn't want to forget any of their feedback people were fine with it. I'm so glad I did do it because usually information goes in and out of my head pretty quickly and I didn't have to worry about that. Also be sure to ask for their cards to stay in contact and send a follow up email afterwards. If they don't have cards ask if you can still get their emails and write them down in your phone.

Ok I don't want to make this crazy long so if I missed something or you have a question please let me know!

Thanks for reading! 

Dead City

As soon as I moved to LA I was fortunate enough to meet some super cool ladies. They asked me to photograph a shoot they've been wanting to do for a long time inspired by Patti Smith. We recently got it published on Fashion Grunge and I'm so excited to share with you the colored version here! Check out the published version @ Fashion Grunge 

Model: @mariaamargarita

Styling: @rocketjackson


Here are some images that I did with two amazingly beautiful sisters, Shaylyn & Taryn, in San Francisco. I met Shaylyn about two years ago, when I found out her sister also modeled I told her that whenever her sister was in town I'd love to shoot them. Right before I moved to LA, she hit me up and we all had a magical day on one of the hottest days in San Francisco. Enjoy! 


Models: @tarynelisco @shaylyn.riane

Hallows Eve

Before I left the bay my dream team and I put together a great Halloween shoot. Here are the images plus a video put together by the talented @jessiemariec

Check out a feature on this shoot by @catalystwedco



Styling & Art Direction: @bridalmarche

Models: @devonmariep_l @shallowthenhalo

Photography: Me @mterrisphoto

Jewelry & Art Direction: @hollybobisuthi

Assistant: Brian Loftus, Michael Reagan, Sam Prest 

Road Trip Recap

This past summer I was fortunate enough to go on a month long road trip through the US. It has always been a dream of mine to hop in the car and explore and I did just that. My partner and I packed our camping gear in the trunk and our suitcases in the back seat and hit the road. We left Oakland, CA and headed south to Los Angeles. From there we stopped at Joshua Tree, then on to Flagstaff and Sedona in AZ. From there we kept going east through the beautiful colors of Santa Fe, along the vast Texas desert to Austin, to the vibrant musical paradise of New Orleans. Then we went up toward Memphis and back across through Missouri, Kansas, Denver, Arches National Park in Utah, a pit stop in Lake Tahoe and finally ended in Sea Ranch, CA for a family get together. 

It was an amazing trip that I will never forget. I was able to work with many other artist, eat tons of food, get a tattoo, listen to great music, make new friends, and do it all with my best friend. Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip! 

Rainy Days

Loving all the rain we're getting here in the bay area. While driving into the SF over the Bay Bridge there was so much fog, I felt like I was driving in a cloud, it was amazing. That feeling inspired me to contact Devon & plan a spontaneous shoot up in the Berkeley hills. Being up there in the hills, fog, and rain was so peaceful. Here are some of my favorites. 

Gals Day Inn

I'm so excited to finally be able to share this video I worked on with Daniela Osorio and Erica Calderon back in May. I felt so intimidated by all the clips that I had taken that I kept putting it off, but once I started, only a few days ago, it quickly came together. 

This is one of my very first videos. I did a few back in college but none like this so I am very excited about this piece. It's just a short video of Erica and Daniela being cute, wearing amazing clothes, and having a fun mellow day in. Now that I've done this video, and I never thought I'd say this, I only want to do more videos! Here's to a great 2015 of paid gigs and more shoots!

Hope you like it! 

Open Light Workshop

Last month I had the privilege of attending a workshop put on by photographer Lars kommienezuspadt called 'Open Light'. I first came across Lars' work on Doris Mayday's Instagram page and was blown away by the photos he took of her. Not only were they of course stunning but when I saw them I thought "Yes, this is exactly what I want to do." All of his photos give off a certain feeling, kind of dark, sexy, and mysterious. Pin up but not your traditional pin up style with the bright backgrounds and the expressive faces. More serious and seductive. When I later learned that he shot using only natural light I was like, "Ok, sold! This guy is officially the best!" I too use only natural light in my shoots. I'm not opposed to using studio lights, I think you can do amazing things with that style as well, but since I'm not too savvy with studios and don't have a spot or lights to shoot with I always go outdoors.

Lars' workshop took place at this giant mansion in Los Angeles. I had never been inside a mansion before so naturally I had to go exploring. It reminded me of a real life Haunted Mansion from Disneyland-or maybe because that's the only other mansion I've been in...You walk down this long hallway and there are huge baroque style paintings that lead you into a round foyer. In this Foyer you have the choice to ascend the tall staircase or walk into the family or dining rooms or into a full bar. During our break I wandered down a long hallway into the library. Soft light peaked in through the dusty thick curtains and books lined the walls and tables of the room. I thought, "Ok great! This is creepy but I also probably just walked right into the best room in the house." I love libraries...I think it comes from that amazing library Belle has in Beauty in the Beast. I wish I had enough time to see which book pulled down and opened into a secret room...If you'd seen that room you too would have been certain that there was a secret room behind that bookshelf. 

Bernadette Library

Lars went over etiquette and posing with the help of Rivi Madison, (she has her own album here) a sensational artist and model. She spoke of how she carries herself in shoots and how she has yet to be in a bad situation with a photographer (working with creeps) because she knows what she wants and wont take anyones bull. She inspired me with her amazing confidence and the way she carried herself like such a badass... I could have photographed her all day. Both Lars and Rivi together shared such useful information and were both so kind and helpful. I hope we can all work together again someday. 

vicky blog


Andrea Hausmann-Photographer @workshop

Instragram @coquetteinspiration

Website: andreahausmannphotography.com

Vanessa Foerster-Photographer @workshop


Rivi Madison-Model on table

Instagram @rivimadison

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RiviMadison

Vicky Tran-Model in chair

Instagram @theventurarose

Bernadette Marion-Model in library

Instagram @bernadette_marion

Jenny Rieu-Model with gold bow

Instagram @jennyrieu

Website: jennyrieu.book.fr

Mara Rouse-Make up 

Website: www.mararouse.com

Rocky Cauldron-Make up

Website: www.rocknmakeup.wix.com