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Long gone are the days when storytelling was strictly found around a campfire. The whispers no longer remain in the caramelized crusted marshmallows or the lightning bugs that line the yard. Now, when we want to better explore a message and the overall emotional agreement we sign up with when becoming loyal to a brand or person, we head to Instagram.

Storytelling has been used as a vehicle for pure communication, engulfed in emotion, for centuries; a device that marries the senses with the message at heart. There’s a reason this works so well, especially for brands — because people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. And there’s no better way to get across your values, your vision and your company than through a story.

Which is where I come in.


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Brand Consultation + Management:

This service is great for brands that are having trouble keeping consistent content, want to tell a story through their Instagram feed, are looking to add new life to their feed and see the value in high-quality photography matched with thoughtful captions that are in alignment with the company’s message.


What’s included:

  • A free proposal of several suggested directions

  • Planned out photoshoots with your creative direction in mind so you always have brand curated content.

  • Influencer, blogger + marketing research

  • Management of Instagram posts, captions, hashtags, etc. *

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Michelle Terris Photography also offers a free consultation where we discuss your brand, your vibe, your customers and the direction you’re looking to take your company in.


We’re ready to turn the page when you are.

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